Gaining weight, even slowly, is so easy that you may not even notice it. There comes a point when you no longer feel comfortable with your body weight. A combination of bad eating habits and a leisurely, sedentary lifestyle leads to steady weight gain.

In order to lose weight permanently and successfully, you neet to burn more calories in the long term than you take in.

Successful weight loss consists of these 3 pillars:

  • change of diet
  • more movement
  • lifestyle change

Changing your lifestyle habits means, among other things, consciously eating slowly and avoiding to eat out of boredom or habit.
In order to achieve long-term weight loss success, it is important that you set yourself realistic goals that are achievable for you.

We have compared several weight loss programs and weight loss products based on these pillars.

How we conducted the tests:

For each product tested, we formed a group of test participants who tested the product for 3 months. Their weight was noted regularly. We also gave a placebo product to a comparison group. It was important to know how easy in practice it is to implement the programme and how sustainable the weight loss success is. We asked selected nutritionists for an assessment of the products and conducted our own supplementary research.
The assessment was made with a view to achieving permanent and sustainable weight loss.

1st place

Test Winner:

Slim-XR concept

Slim-XR achieved the goals across all relevant points and therefore takes 1st place.

Price: 8 Euro per monthly package

  • lose weight quickly and easily

  • no known side effects

  • made in Germany

  • 100% money back guarantee

  • not a medication

  • possibly a longer delivery time due to high demand

The test – 12 kg in 3 months

Our testers have tested Slim-XR for 3 months.

During this period, they lost an average of 12 kg.

How fast can you lose weight ?

The first results began to appear after only a few days. The testers also felt fitter and more energetic.
You could lose an average of more than three kilograms per week in the first few weeks.
Because of their success, the participants felt motivated and automatically became more active. The recipes in the brochure and in the online portal were tasty and varied and were easy to prepare.

Is there a guarantee?

Slim-XR offers a money back guarantee if you don’t like the product.

How did the testers eat?

Without a change in lifestyle habits, there will be no long-term weight loss success.
During the test, our testers reduced their consumption of sweets and went for regular walks.
Otherwise, they ate normally based on the concept guidelines.

What is in the capsules?

The capsules do not contain any potential “miracle cures”, but are manufactured in accordance with German food law and are available over-the-counter. The ingredients are designed to help the body lose weight and have no known side effects.

Our conclusion:

The Slim-XR concept proved itself with very good results – some of the test participants lost a lot of weight.

Test winner
2nd place


Contains a good combination of vitamins and minerals, but without a change in lifestyle habits, did not result in weight loss.

Price: 24.80 Euro for 90 capsules (3 months)

  • 90 capsules

  • made in England

  • also contains vitamins

  • no change in lifestyle

  • currently not available

  • no money back guarantee

3rd place

Bodyfit T5 Black Thermo

Bodyfit T5 Black Thermo did not convince out testers.

No member of our test participant group succeeded in loosing weight while using this product.

Price: 23.62 Euro for 1 month

  • 60 capsules

  • made in England

  • available

  • poor impact

  • no money back guarantee

4th place

MRP Diet – Ultralean

MRP Dietfuel ULTRALEAN is a meal replacement product that did not convince our testers.

No member of our test participant group succeeded in loosing weight while using this product.

Price: 24.80 Euro for 1 kg

  • Portions from 880 g to 2 kg

  • made in England

  • available at Amazon

  • no change in lifestyle

  • non appealing flavour

  • no money back guarantee

5th place

TDN Extreme Burner

TDN Exreme Burner is a dietary supplement with a high caffeine content.

No member of our test participant group succeeded in loosing weight while using this product.
The high caffeine content caused problems for some test participants.

Price: 29.50 Euro for 60 capsules (2 months)

  • 60 capsules per can

  • available

  • no change in lifestyle

  • Contains among other things caffeine

  • no money back guarantee