Dog beds with memory foam are ideal for older animals and animals with movement restrictions or joint problems. Such beds can help the dog to get a good sleep and thus support the health, mobility and energy of the animals … for both small and large dogs.

Unfortunately, when buying a dog bed, it’s usually not possible to try out the bed before you buy it – so here we’ve compared some of the top favourites to help with the pre-selection process.

Tips to watch out for:

Dog size If the sleeping space is too small for your dog, your dog will become uncomfortable or adopt sleeping positions that will be detrimental to his health and well-being in the long run. The sleeping area should be large enough for the dog to stretch out without touching the edges and also have room to play.

This is how you determine the size of the ideal sleeping space:

Measure the length of the dog from the tip of the nose to the root of the tail (end of the spine).

Add about 5-15 cm for a dog bed, dog cave or dog sofa.

and about 20-30 cm for a dog blanket, dog cushion or dog mat.

It is recommended to orientate yourself on the inner dimension, because this is the pure lying area of your dog.

Puppies If you have a puppy one would possibly immediately buy a larger product for the dog’s expected adult size. The extra space can then be reduced by blankets or pillows, so that the puppy feels secure.

BUT puppies like to bite.

Sleeping position Watch your dog sleep. What is his typical sleeping position? Take into account that the dog also rolls out and snuggles in again from time to time.

Is he stretching all his legs? Then maybe a rectangular mat is best

Or is he trying to create a nest, then you should definitely pay attention to support rollers on the sides.

Many animals do both. We compare products that take both into account.

Dog Age The older the dog gets, the more important the support the dog gets through the bed. The bed should not put additional pressure on the joints. One should possibly also discuss the needs of older animals with a vet.

It is also important that the filling is protected from moisture.

Material Some dogs love to chew, so this should definitely be taken into consideration if you don’t want to buy a new bed every few days. If the dogs like to chew on beds, the outer material should be suitably resistant.

The filling is usually not washable and should therefore be protected from moisture.

Hygiene: If the bed is used outside, it makes sense to ensure that the bed does not have direct contact with the ground.

However, for indoor use, a ground level bed is warmer and more comfortable for the dog.

To be able to keep the bed clean, the bed should have a washable cover. It is very practical if the cover can be simply opened with a zipper.


1st place

Test Winner:


Price: 40 Euros (39.99 USD)

This orthopaedic sofa bed for the dog distributes the weight evenly on the lying surface. The underlying memory foam with egg carton profile promotes air circulation, relieves pressure points and adapts perfectly to the dog’s body.

The mat is surrounded by support rollers on three sides.. Despite these generous support rolls, the dog is left with a surprisingly large sleeping space. The top cover is removable with zipper and washable. The underside is non-slip and thus provides the necessary safety. The foam filling is protected against moisture and thus guarantees a longer usability. The underside is non-slip.

This orthopaedic sofa bed is available in three sizes for dogs up to 45kg. The largest sofa is 106x80x18cm and offers the dog a sleeping space of 80x67cm.

Mattress and cover are supplied separately and are easy to put together.

2nd place



This orthopaedic dog bed for indoor use is especially suitable for large dogs.

The thick filling foam (up to 12.5cm in the Jumbo Plus version) in the egg carton profile helps to distribute the weight evenly to soothe pressure points.

The dog bed is surrounded on three sides by fluffy support rolls and thus offers cosy nesting corners and optimum support.

The sleeping surface and support rollers are covered by a soft, smooth quilted material which makes the sleeping place even more comfortable.

The removable cover is machine washable.

3rd place



Petfusion has set itself the goal to use high quality and durable materials. This is also noticeable with this product. The base, support rollers and cover are made of high-quality material.

The base is a solid 6cm – 15cm memory foam filling. The support cushions are made of recycled “green” polyfill and the cover is made of a tear-resistant fabric (65% polyester, 35% cotton). The underside is non-slip.

The cover is easy to clean. The material is water repellent and machine washable (65% polyester, 35% cotton, tear resistant).

A plus point with this bed certainly is the two zippered compartments. This makes it easier to remove and put on the cover, especially with the larger versions..

Due to the thickness of the mattress, the bed is particularly suitable for heavy dogs.